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Treat yourself to premium imported cheeses and cold cuts exclusive to Fresca Kitchens & Deli

Asian Kitchen

Experience Pan Asian cooking techniques from our talented Chefs.

Charcoal Grill

Perfectly grilled meats fired by a blend of local coconut husks and mangrove wood charcoal.

Italian Corner

Perfect Neapolitan pizzas are crafted and prepared in our traditional pizza oven.

From The
Wine Shop

From The
Pastry Shop

For reservations over 6 persons, please call+66 (0) 7636 3250 direct to make a reservation

Salads, cheese and cold cuts


Garden Salad

Mixed greens - carrot - cucumber - red onion - capsicum - radish - tomatoes

THB 170
Raw vegetables Tray & Dips

Summer vegetables - kalamata olives - feta cheese - sundried tomatoes

THB 240
Char Grilled Vegetables

Summer vegetables - kalamata olives - feta cheese - sundried tomatoes

THB 220
Apple & Pecorino Cheese

Mixed greens-granny smith apple- dried cranberries & sultanas- pecorino cheese

THB 230
Apple & Blue Cheese

Mixed greens - granny smith apple - dried cranberries & sultanas - blue cheese

THB 230
Burratina & Organic Tomato Salad

Heirloom tomato – Burratina – Fresh Basil

THB 260


Jamon Iberico De Cebo (60g)

Cured Spanish black pig ham

THB 220
Truffle plate (70g)

Truffle gouda cheese - truffle spread - sourdough bread

THB 190
Vegetarian Antipasti

Artisanal mixed Mediterranean olives - artichokes - sundried tomatoes - sour dough bread

THB 160
Antipasto Misto For 2

San Danielle prosciutto, spicy pork salsiccia, Latteria di Grotta Cheese, Cellar Matured Pecorino, Focaccia garlic and rosemary, Artisanal mixed Italian olives

THB 490


All our Cheeses are made from Raw Milk by Artisan Cheese makers.

3 Choices
THB 220
5 Choices
THB 290
Brie de Meaux AOP DONGE

Cow Milk – Soft Cheese – The reference in Brie de Meaux.

Tome des Beauges AOP

Cow Milk – Taridtional Tomme from Savoie

Roquefort AOP Gabriel Coulet

Blue Cheese from Ewe Milk – “Emperor of Cheese”. Creamy and full flavored

Honey Rind Gouda (Award Winning)

Cow Milk – hard cheese with a touch of sweetness.

Gouda XO

Cow Milk – Hard Cheese - The king of Aged Gouda.

1000 days aged Gouda

Cow Milk – Hard Cheese - Extra aged for more intense flavors.

Blue Stilton

Cow Milk - Semi Soft blue Cheese – Crumbly – Slightly creamy

Red Age Leicester

Cow Milk – Reddish orange rind – Slightly crumbly.

Organic Vintage Cheddar

Cow Milk - Rich semi hard cheese – Slightly buttery.

Latteria de Grotta

Cow Milk -Traditional semi Hard Cheese Aged on straw

Cellar Matured Pecorino (Award Winning)

Cow Milk - Elected best pecorino “Reserve del Fondatore” is traditional Pecoorino at its best.

Fresca Kitchens & Deli

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